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ELANCYL Laboratoire method


An exclusive method

The ELANCYL Laboratoire massage method was created in 1971 and has not aged a bit!

Its secret? Targeted action, which has never been so relevant!It was developed by a physiotherapist and brushes aside all the false promises of effortless firming.

The ELANCYL Laboratoire massage method started off as a trailblazer and is still unique today. It is also unrivalled, combining repetition, perseverance and, most importantly, massaging. It combines the power of this ritual with effective botanical active ingredients and the comfort of textures you will love. Goodbye cellulite. Hello to a firmer figure.

A real care ritual for your figure

The ELANCYL Laboratoire method has stood out from the beginning, combining

  • the effectiveness of an exclusive anti-cellulite massage protocol with

  • the powers of botanical ingredients and

  • the sensual appeal of textures you will love.

Massaging is extremely effective in combatting cellulite. It enhances the effects of products by offering clinically-proven results. Helping you fall back in love with your silhouette.



A simple method

The ELANCYL Laboratoire massage method is still a trailblazer today. Yet it remains surprisingly easy, combining repetition, perseverance and massaging. 3 essential pillars for a successful anti-cellulite regime.

Already in 1972, the ELANCYL Laboratoire method focused on the importance of perseverance: "It is best to perform a prolonged daily massage with circular motions using the ELANCYL glove to allow the active ingredients to penetrate deeply and encourage the gradual breakdown of cellulite-prone areas. To be fully effective, the massage should be performed every day, preferably in the morning, in the shower." This principle has not changed.

Results are further optimised by using a specified massage technique while applying anti-cellulite cream like Slim Design. 

The anti-cellulite massage

The virtues of massaging have been known for a long time. Moving the tissue with prolonged hand contact stimulates the lymphatic system's local exchange mechanisms. The temperature increases in the massaged areas, activating their vascularisation. Cellulite appears in the exact parts of the body where exchanges have slowed. Skin is smoothed. Dimpling is reduced.


Massaging is also a precious moment. An opportunity for me-time.

Anti-cellulite expert
Since 1971